Maybe it’s selfish (don't hold it against me) but... I collaborate on creative projects in order to have a front row seat to beautiful moments of discovery. 

I’ve sat with elderly men and women as they've written their first poems. I’ve witnessed the light bulbs go off as writers and their readers connect on works in progress.

The literary arts have a powerful potential to awaken and connect ideas that reside within us all which is why, in addition to writing, I dedicate myself to organizing creative collaborations between writers, readers, and other artists.


While writing my second book, This Bright Darkness, I ached for an opportunity to receive feedback on my work in progress. 

I saw a real need in my literary arts community so I partnered with public non-profit cultural organization, KANEKO to create a one-of-a-kind reading series called feedback. (Yes, it's lowercase. And yes, that's on purpose.)


This program invites established and emerging artists from all genres to read to a live audience from their works in progress and then get "real time" feedback.

In addition, feedback hosts writing workshops that allow people in the community to work alongside the program’s featured writers. I am the proud founder, curator, and host of this quarterly reading series.

I worked closely with Sarah to develop her concept for an original reading and workshop series entitled feedback. Devoted to the ideals of community, collaboration, and artist support, Sarah worked endlessly on the logistics, outreach, and underwriting elements needed to launch the program.

feedback continues to thrive under Sarah’s direction…[her] reputation as a brilliant writer and an absolute delight to work with has been invaluable to the success of feedback at KANEKO.
— Michael Hollins, Director of Programming, KANEKO

Artist, Inc.

Serving as a Peer Facilitator from 2014-2016 for Artist INC, a program hosted by the non-profit, arts organization Omaha Creative Institute, was a natural extension of my own philosophy as an artist. This eight week seminar selects artists from all disciplines to receive the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary to develop their entrepreneurial skills and strengthen their artistic practice.

Sarah has been an incredible addition to the Artist INC program in Omaha. She brings compassion, insight, and hard work to her role as a mentor for the Artist INC participants, going above and beyond to support artists in their professional and personal journeys. We are the lucky recipients of her energy, focus, and heart.
— Emily Moody, Executive Director, Omaha Creative Institute